Finding Deals and Discounts That Are Not Scams

Finding Deals and Discounts That Are Not Scams

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You’re doing some online shopping, as one does. You see what looks like a great deal on Amazon, a site you totally trust, and place an order or have you seen a coupon on your Facebook feed that seems too good to be true? If so, it probably is. Fake coupons can have a very real impact on your wallet if they turn out to be part of a scam. This is an article trying to make you aware of the steps to avoid scams and why they are more trouble than you think.

Why bother about coupons?

While you may think there’s no harm in a fake coupon, other than not getting the deal you were hoping for, these coupon scams can steal your personal information or infect your computer with a virus. These scammers usually guide you to a site that helps them steal your data and identity or virus packed downloads that do the same or worse even holding your computer for a ransom. While there are less threatening and blatant sites that ask for your personal information or other financial information which may still not hold a good ending for you.

Now you have the why. Follow our tips to avoiding these scam coupons

Check the source

A legitimate coupon will always come from a legitimate source. The scam coupons that circulate on Facebook or show up in your email may look real, but they won’t come from a company’s official social media page, website, or email account. However, you might have to be sharp-eyed to spot a source that isn’t official. A fake coupon from Amazon might come from a Facebook page called “Amazon Coupons” or “Amazon Deals.” But neither of those is actually Amazon; the retailer’s Facebook page is simply named “Amazon.” Coupons from any other source are suspicious at best.

Check the seller

If a seller’s a scammer; they’re going to send you a counterfeit product or nothing at all, and they’ll still get your money. These scammers take advantage of the site’s policies to profit. They post delivery dates that are three or four weeks from the date of purchase which are often long after the payouts from the main site which makes it hard to discover. This scam technique hurts not just buyers, but other sellers as well.

A good method to avoid it is to watch out for new sellers (also known as “just launched” sellers), and take a careful look at the seller’s reviews before you buy from him or her. If you do fall victim to a scam, contact the listed site.

Do a Reality Check

Coupon scams try to get you to ignore your common sense by offering a truly great deal — and that’s the very first sign of a scam. Unfortunately, coupons promising huge discounts like this are usually too good to be true. Before clicking on a coupon like this, be sure to double-check everything we’ve mentioned above.

These are some of the tips to help stay safe while looking for deals. Always using a well-reputed discount club like discount club or others in your radar helps you find the best deals without the scams.

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